BANQIU Huai Shan Crackers

As I just halted in front of my snack cabinet to dig a pack of these out (not really, I’ve been eating them everyday so they were at chest level and very accessible…I’m not sure why I wrote that I had to dig them out), I felt that it was my duty to take 5 minutes out of my day for this public service announcement.

These crackers are feckin’ amazing.


I can’t find these online with various English translations, but just look for the packaging in the image above in an Asian supermarket. They are Huai Shan crackers. Huai shan is a Chinese yam, but you don’t taste any yam in this snack. Just flaky, crispy goodness. There is a slight oiliness to the crackers, but that could be why they are so satisfying to bite into. They are very thin as well. Crackers are pre-packaged into small packs of like 3 or 4 sheets (I’m in the middle of work right now, so don’t have time to double check).

If you see them, buy them. I find them to be absolutely wonderful.

Joyce Huang

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