Banc Cafe Leaves a Bad Taste

If you guys have never been to Banc Café before, don’t worry about it. Save yourself the trip and go somewhere else. The menu made everything sound so good, but when it came to flavor and taste, everything was a fail, unfortunately.

My classic French onion soup reminded me of something I could get at a cheap diner. There wasn’t any depth to it and it was pretty bland.

And then there was the proscuitto and figs flatbread that had wild mushrooms, brie, onion confit, almonds and truffle oil. I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting fresh figs, but they were dried, and nothing seemed to mesh at all. I took one bite and then just ended up picking off the proscuitto and eating it because I didn’t want to waste any of it.

Would I go back? Nope!

4 out of 10

Banc Café

431 3rd Avenue

NY 10016

(212) 252-0146

-Joyce Huang
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