Banana Nice Cream Recipes

banana nice cream 1

I am a big fan of banana ‘nice’ cream recipes. They are healthy, tasty, cheap to make and easy to make as well. My freezer is always stocked with bags of sliced bananas for whenever I get a craving. See below for three of my favorite variations.

Plain Banana Nice Cream

1 Frozen Banana per person.

*Optional: a bit of liquid (a couple of TBS) to help it get along, whether water, milk, soy milk, etc. If you don’t add liquid, you will just have to scrape the sides down more.

Place the frozen banana in a blender with liquid if you have chosen to add liquid. Blend and scrape down sides until the mixture is smooth.

 banana nice cream 2

Walnut & Cinnamon Banana Nice Cream

On top of your plain banana nice cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and crushed bananas.


Mango & Banana Nice Cream

When making your banana nice cream, add in a big handful of very ripe mango. You can use fresh or frozen.

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