Baking at Home With Mam PaPaul’s King Cake Mix

King Cake Recipe 1

Me: I was so mad. Once I ate an entire King Cake and there was no Baby Jesus.
Patrick: Are you sure you didn’t eat the Baby Jesus?

King Cake Recipe 2

Our Bed Bath & Beyond now has a World Market food section and I heart it. There were so many things to check out and of course try. I love King Cake, particularly because I love trying to find the trinkets that come in it. Bed Bath & Beyond had Mam PaPaul’s King Cake Mix on their shelves and in my cart it went. I was surprised actually, I had no idea these kits even existed.

I have never made a King Cake before, but figured that the box mix would make it a lot easier. You have to set aside time for the dough to rise and then a space to roll everything out. I didn’t have space to roll all the dough out in one shot, so I did it in two and then pinched the halves together into an oval. Also, my dough didn’t really rise, I’m guessing that it was a yeast issue (the kit came with a packet of yeast), but I decided to go ahead and try baking it anyway.

King Cake Recipe 3

Right before its second rising. Or attempted second rising.

King Cake Recipe 4

Love that it came with all the decorations so I didn’t have to purchase containers of sugar crystals that I probably wouldn’t use again. Also, it comes with a Baby Jesus trinket, which I probably would have had to order away for if I were doing this without the kit.

King Cake Recipe 5

King Cake Recipe 8

Did it taste good? YES! I was very nervous because the dough didn’t rise much, but the end result was soft, chewy, sugary and ¬†full of goodness. I can’t remember the exact price of the kit, but believe it was under $10. I’ve been wanting to make a King Cake from scratch and it seemed so daunting, but Mam PaPaul’s King Cake Mix made the process a lot less intimidating and a much easier clean up.

King Cake Recipe 6


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