August In The Winter

August is a cute and cozy restaurant, and it’s somewhere where I would eat again. Although I didn’t have an amazing meal, I feel like this restaurant has the potential to be amazing if I go back and just find the right dishes. What I liked a lot about this restaurant is that the food wasn’t fancy. They seemed to focus on  simple food, which when done correctly, can be an amazing experience.
Raw oysters: I didn’t get food poisoning, so they were fresh, but wasn’t happy when two of my oysters had small parts of the shell in it.
Bruschetta with garbanzo beans, tomato sauce and cheese: Not bad, but not memorable
Spanish mackerel: Really enjoyable, but felt that the chopped tomato mixture it layed on didn’t match it well in flavor. They tasted like to separate components and didn’t marry well for me.
Roasted wild striped bass with savoy cabbage, chestnuts and bone marrow: I was disappointed that the dish didn’t come with the actual bone and marrow because I love whole bone marrow, but only received a tiny piece of it buried beneath my fish that could have easily been missed had I not been on the hunt for it. Also, it lacked the intense flavor that an actual roasted or stewed bone marrow has. The chestnuts were wonderful, probably my favorite part of the dish. The bass and cabbage were bland and needed seasoning, overall, a little higher than me usual ‘eh.’
Slow cooked suckling pig: I know my suckling pigs and this could have been much better. The skin was crispy, but the glaze made the dish sticky and chewy. Sad. Poor pig, poor diner.
Pistachio-Kataifi baklava with rosemary-vanilla yogurt and fig gelato: No. Just no. August, you should have stuck with your message of simple flavors.
Carmalized banana butter cake with malted semifreddo and bourbon-walnut butterscotch: The best part of the entire meal. More like a bread than a cake, alone it tasted bland, but with the crispy-sweet walnuts and semifreddo, it was wonderful, almost perfect. The malted semifreddo actually blew me away. I wish they sold that in pints. I’d have one everyday.
7 out of 10 stars because that damn malted semifreddo was so good.
359 Bleecker Street between Charles & West
(212) 929-4774
-Joyce Huang

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