Asian Rutabaga, Chayote and Green Apple Salad

It’s not all about peanut butter cream cheese mousse cakes at Chasing James Beard. Sometimes, we like to eat healthy. Actually, we like to eat healthier a lot lately, especially due to having to wear bikinis. When I am out and paying for food, or entertaining, I splurge. When I’m home, I make sure to eat lots of veggies, fruits and lean proteins. I figure it’s a decent balance to keep my weight and health in check.

To satisfy my crunchy cravings, I’ve come to find that I really like snacking on raw rutabaga. Don’t be too turned off by it, because it smells like stinky feet/cabbage. However, the taste is light, refreshing and it is incredibly crisp. It doesn’t taste feet, FYI. It’s more turnipy.

To use this vegetable into a dish, I decided to get inspired by the Thai papaya salad, since I also had chayote and apples. All of these veggies and fruit have a great crunch to them that is very reminiscent of a green papaya.

Ingredients for salad base

1/3 of a large rutabaga cut into matchsticks

1 chayote cut into matchsticks

1 small green apple cut into matchsticks

Ingredients for dressing

Sorry, but I didn’t measure anything. I mixed together soy sauce, honey, siracha, sesame oil, crushed red pepper. Pour it over the salad base till it is dressed nicely and let everything marinate overnight.

When Serving

When serving, top the salad with lots of fresh cilantro. The salad will be nicely marinated and have salty, sweet and spicy notes to it. The longer you marinate, the spicier it will get. There are some really beautiful flavors to it. And again, I really love the crunch to it.

-Joyce Huang


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