Apartment Container Garden Update

Hey guys!

I’ve been out of town, so didn’t get a chance to update the site last week re: container garden, so I’m just picking up from now. It’s been two weeks since I started the garden and it’s doing beautifully. I’ll put the pics next to each other so that you can see before and after pics. I had to ditch the bowl with no drainage holes because we had a mini tornado and it got completely flooded and was a hot mess. I think I’ll be able to start harvesting some of the veggies soon. I really haven’t done anything but water the plants when the dirt gets dry. And to be honest, there has been soooo much rain that I haven’t even had to do that lately.

 Pea Shoots



Kale and Swiss Chard

Dwarf Mulberry Tree

Chili Peppers (and I pinch a bunch off because it started to flower)

Chinese Basil, Genovese Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Chinese Chives

Cilantro (for the hell of it, I planted it a few days ago from seed)

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