Another Healthy One For You: Gorgonzola Salad

It’s about time that I ate another healthy meal right? Here’s another one of my salads that I’ve been chowing down on that not only is packed with flavor, but is good for you as well. At least I think it’s good for you. The way I cook, as long as something doesn’t contain butter and oil, I feel as if it should make me lose 5 lbs just by looking at it.


-For any of the raw vegetables, please use as much as you want, the goal is for you to be satisfied and no longer hungry.

Any type of greens you want  (as much as you want)

Carrots (as many as you want)

Grape tomatoes (as many as you want)

Green Olives ( a small handful, like 6-8)

Anchovies (4-8, depending on how much you like them)

Gorgonzola cheese (1-2 tbs)

Kirby cucumbers (as many as you want)

Now What?

Cut everything up, however  you prefer to eat it and drizzle with a low-fat balsamic honey mustard, recipe for dressing here.

-Joyce Huang


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