Angel’s Share Is A Heavenly New York Bar Experience

courtesy of by Ben N.

Angel’s Share. Sigh. Angel’s Share gives me goosebumps. It’s one of my favorite bars. Ever. Small and hidden behind a Japanese restaurant on the second floor, the staff is dressed impeccably and look like Japanese pop stars. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the drinks are freaking amazing? This review has been a long time coming, I’ve just been putting it off because I hate spreading the word about it. I know, I know, how selfish of me. But I hate waiting on line to go to my favorite places.

When you watch the bartenders make the drinks and the waiters serve them to you, you know you are in for an experience. They treat the ingredients and drinks with respect and care. Every martini is a perfect pour and large ice cubes keep your hard liquor chilled. The large size of the ice prevents a fast melt that will water down your drink. I love watching them serve martinis. Touches that I’ve noticed, herb garnishes are always placed away from the patron’s face. I am guessing because when you take a sip, you actually get a whiff of the fresh herb which is just a beautiful thing. I’ve also noticed that they infuse some of their own liquor and that earl grey vodka is a beautiful thing. A very, very beautiful thing. I was suppose to go to a movie tonight, but writing this post is making me want to go to Angel’s Share. I’m thinking about their cozy seasonal drinks, the wide variety of scotches, the sweet, but not to sweet lemon drop martinis, the smooth feel of the Serenity drink and how I had a new love in my life when I took a sip of Cousin Mary. Cousin Mary, who loves you? I love you.

And! And! Angel’s Share has bar food as well. I always get the raw oysters, which are usually amazing, one time they were only average, which surprised me, but they are usually delicious. The soft shell crab salad is always a crowd pleaser. And they have other items such as dumplings, meats and sashimi.

Who knew that Heaven was just one story above the New York City Sidewalk?

Some notes about Angel’s Share. No parties bigger than 4 are allowed. No cell phone use is allowed.

9 out of 10

8 Stuyvesant St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-5415

-Joyce Huang
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