Ancient Chinese Remedy For Illness

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I don’t know if it’s an ancient Chinese remedy. I just thought that it was a catchy title. But this is a drink that my family, and other Chinese families swear by as well. You drink it when you are sick, under tons of comforters and sweats because the drink does something in your body and you are also sweating all the germs out, which will help you get better faster and I feel whiny right now because I am sick and I have 2 of the 3 ingredients that I need to make it and am hoping that the third thing gets here soon. It’s an easy ginger tea drink that I bet lots of people will want to try not just for health benefits, but also because it just tastes good. Ginger is one of those wonder foods. My granny throws a piece of it in practically everything she cooks because she believes that it is good for our bodies. Which probably explains why I am sick as I don’t use it in my cooking.



Brown sugar


Now What?

Boil water and throw a few slices of ginger and boil for 10 minutes. For every cup of water I’ll throw in a half inch slice. Add in brown sugar to taste and you are good to go. And I am serious about drinking it under the covers, you really want to sweat everything out. And don’t ask me why brown sugar because I simply don’t know. It is just always one of those things that my family insisted on. Not white sugar, not honey, but brown sugar.

-Joyce Huang

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