All About Baseball Stadium Eating


Sure some people love going to baseball games to watch sports. But not me. I’m all about the food when I go. And gorge away I do. No game to me is complete without a few things to munch on, a beer, and a bag of peanuts to shell and munch on while watching the game.

The last time I headed to Yankee stadium I was all about the sausage, pepper, and onion hero. Carbs!! Meat!! And I’m a huge fan of processed cheese, so my tummy was grumbling away for some cheese fries. I’m pretty sure that I wanted nachos and a soft pretzel too, but didn’t want to have to work all of that off at the gym.

I just absolutely love this pic, so wanted to get it up on my blog so that it doesn’t get lost in my computer’s photo albums. Damn. Now I want a hero, but have to suck down my sad protein shake instead. Wah, wah.

Joyce Huang

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