Add Some Cream of Balsamic to Your Kitchen

I’m not sure if “cream of balsamic” is the best name for this product, but I freaking love this stuff. Think of is as a bottled balsamic reduction where the majority of the tartness has been cooked off and there is a lot of sweetness to it. It has the consistency of like chocolate syrup, which is why I assume it is called a cream, because of the texture, but flavor profile-wise, there isn’t a cream component to it.

It’s great to use in marinades, dipping anything in or decorating your dish with. So far this week I have used it to marinade some chicken and have dipped cheeses, breads and roasted vegetables in it. I feel like it would taste wonderful on ice cream as well so that will be my next experiment. The bottle cost around $6/$7 and will definitely last me a long time. Especially since Mr. Juice isn’t a fan of it, so it is all on me. His loss!

Eataly had one brand so that’s the one I purchased, the bottle says “Acetaia Dodi.”

-Joyce Huang

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