A Staple In My Home Growing Up: Fried Dace

Fried dace with salted black beans was one of those canned goods that we always had in the household, when I was growing up. While my friends’s families usually had canned items like corn, peas and carrots, we had fried dace. Dace is a small fish, and with the salted black beans, it’s well, salty. Those little black beans are quite intense. For me, if I just open up one of these tins and have a bowl of rice, I’m good to go. It is definitely a bit oily, but that’s why I eat it with rice, so that it spreads over the rice and I eat all of that tasty goodness without being overpowered. The rice mellows out not only the oil, but the salt as well. Every time I eat this, it reminds me of home.

-Joyce Huang


  • I fell in love with fried dace when living in seattle, wa. and going to the stores in the international district. Was not afraid to ask as to how to use it and now am looking to establish large ponds to raise dace as well as other food fish.

  • Oh wow, are you doing this by your home or at your place of work? That sounds AMAZING!

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