A Food Lover’s Paradise = Marx Foods

courtesy of marxfoods.com

Have you guys ever heard of marxfoods.com before? I recently discovered their online gourmet supermarket and was in heaven. What made me swoon was when I discovered that up until 2007, their only customers were restaurant chefs from all over the country and now they’ve opened their doors to food lovers everywhere. No wonder their selection is so amazing and innovative! They have everything from fresh oysters and black garlic to pink Himalayan salt and beautiful edible flowers. Another thing that I love about their site is that they even have a recipes section that will make your tummy growl. Trust me, when I saw the picture of the oyster po’ boy sliders that their executive chef created (above) on their site, my eyes widened and suddenly I was dying to eat again even though I just finished a big dinner. Another thing that’s great about their site is that they have all of these tip boxes on how to use ingredients or that teach you to do something like shuck an oyster. And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement! I’m writing about their site because I truly am impressed with their selection. The main drawback is that when you shop, you have to buy items in bulk, so be prepared for a lot of food! On the bright side, if you’re having a dinner party or just plain party, then you’ll love the large quantities.

A big supporter of bloggers, Marx Foods gave out free dried mushroom samples for us to try and I signed up for it right away. I’ll be posting recipes and pictures of how I used their delectable mushrooms in the near future, so be sure to check back! In the mean time, I just wanted to share with you the products that I’m dying to buy, curious about and that just plain made me hungry.

Sevruga Caviar Malossol: I want it because it’s $154 for 1 oz.

Fresh bitter melon: It reminds me of home. My granny sautés it with ground beef.

Strawberry molded ice creams: How cute is this???

Truffle honey: Oh lordy! I’ve never heard of truffle honey before, of course now I have to try it!

Hawaiian pink sea salt: Not only do I love sea salt, but I love the color pink.

Oyster sampler: They’re so addicting and I have a confession to tell you. I had my first raw oyster at a Sizzler or Red Lobster. I’m just happy that I’m still alive to tell you that.

Lobster, herb and crème heart-shaped ravioli: Ha ha, it’s heart-shaped!

-Joyce Huang

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