A BBQ Joint That Knows Their Ribs: Dinosaur BBQ

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Dinosaur BBQ is pretty damn far. It’s not only all the way up on 131st str, but it all the way over on 12th ave. Does that bother me? Not one damn bit.

Across the street from a massive Fairway grocery store and in a dark neighborhood (not because it’s unsafe, but because it’s underneath the West Side Highway, which blocks out any natural light) is this hidden gem of a restaurant. Be warned! It may be in the middle of nowhere, but be sure to call and make a reservation, even if it’s just for 2 people on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Yes, it gets that crowded. So unless you want to be tortured by the smells of mouthwatering meats and sauces while you wait for a table, give them a ring.

I’m not going to go through everything that I have eaten there. The list would go on and on. Just some key dishes for you!

Meat-wise, I always, without fail, order the St. Louis style ribs. These dry rub cooked spare ribs, lightly coated in sauce, create an orgasm at first bite. You don’t need any additional sauces even though you are given a few choices in the middle of the table. That’s the way I feel like it should be with spare ribs. Just done right, period.

I have tried many of the other meats, but if you’re heading all the way up there, trust me, all you need BBQ-wise are their spare ribs.

Appetizers and side

Creole spiced deviled eggs: Some of the best deviled eggs I have ever had, there is a slight tanginess to it, it makes me feel like I am in the south.

Chili: Filling, nicely seasoned and sweet. It was wonderful alone or with the generous helping of cheese and sour cream that they spoon over the top, and it comes with a massive portion of corn chips. I was fawning over it. Probably not good for those who enjoy heat in their chili though.

Syracuse salt potatoes: It makes me angry because I tried making these at home one time and it was a disaster, but still I order them and revel in their buttery goodness.

Mac and cheese: Mac and cheese is comfort food in a nutshell, and this doesn’t disappoint.

Coleslaw: Can coleslaw be light and refreshing? Yes it can!


I’ve always been very pleased with their sweets there. It’s not one of those places where the savory is good, but the desserts are a let down. Try their cobblers or if you have a strong heart, their peanut butter pie.

8.5 out of 10

646 W 131st St, New York NY 10027

-Joyce Huang
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