A Basil-Strawberry-Gin Cocktail

A little cocktail recipe to start your summer weekend off right. You know you want one right now. I came up with this recipe because I didn’t have enough ice to make gin martinis. So what do I do whenever I don’t have the ingredients I need? I raid my pantry and fridge and make something up.


Ice (Remember, I ran out of ice, so all I had was about 2TBS of crushed ice for each glass)

Gin (6 shots per glass, I am a very generous hostess)

1/2 fresh lime

Strawberry freezer jam (1 1/2 TBS per glass)

Fresh basil

Now What?

In a shaker, put in the ice, gin and jam. Squeeze in the juice from the lime. Take a small handful of basil and slap it a few times between your palms to release the oils. You don’t want to tear it up because then people end up drinking it when they sip on the cocktail. Throw the basil into the shaker and shake well. Pour and serve.

It is an extremely STRONG drink. I wanted to make something equivalent in alcohol content to a martini, since that was the original requested cocktail. You end up with a smooth drink, with slight hints of sweetness and a touch of basil. I have to say, the flavors combined really well, I will definitely be serving this up for future guests.

-Joyce Huang

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