pared. People are worried about, are secretly glad, but fortunately monks in advance to foresee the arrival of natural disasters, with the preparation, get through these two years on the line. How was it so fast in winter Cheng Ruyi side gnawing the meat, while watching themselves in the yard of the snowman gradually melt, the mood is very low. Mexican fragrant carrying a beautiful big box came to see the lady listless look, full black line, Miss and Microsoft Certification melted in the sadness of the snowman. Miss, Gu Ye bought a lot of five vegetarian snacks. I heard. the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) smell of fasting snacks, Cheng Ruyi immediately lifted the spirit, that little sad has long been missing, she will be the hands of the meat gnaw finished, quickly from the hands of Mexican took the box to open, twisted a piece Snack eat up. While eating side asked. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) it exam Mexican, a few people Gu Ye something busy, do not come back with lunch today. Mexican fragrance to the ladies poured a cup of hot tea, replied. I heard the emperor was recently sent to the various states to send troops, A street in the hands

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98-379 Software Testing Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)