of Mr. empty out, specifically used to teach Bai Xi City room. The room is huge, filled with all kinds of scrolls and books, as well as calligraphy and brush and so on. Jiang Yan looked at the eyes, to recover the line of sight. Jiang Yan did not take long to say that will Microsoft Lync Server 2013 naturally come to the Bai Xi City really come. Bai Xi City marching their own two small legs came to the room, tender little face full of Jiang Yan s resistance and disgust. Only one to the.room, Bai Xi City will not hesitate to cold voice on Jiang Yan said Do not bother thinking, the world will not class. I come here, but Microsoft Lync Server 2013 it exam also want to see you that can teach my naive face Bale. Jiang Yan looked Bai Xi City, did not speak. Bai Xi City that Jiang Yan was his indifferent attitude scared, the eyes of the kind of irony suddenly more rich. If you do not imagine those who were the whole before the words, it is best to take advantage of now obediently leave the palace Did not wait Bai Xi City finished, the side of the Jiang Yan suddenly coldly cut him.off. The son can know a few words Jiang Yan asked. What Bai Xi City brow twist, delicate Microsoft Certification little face suddenly ugly up, You are ridiculing the

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
074-338 Lync 2013 Depth Support Engineer Microsoft Microsoft Lync Server 2013
74-335 Network Readiness and Assessment for Lync Microsoft Microsoft Lync Server 2013
74-338 Lync 2013 Depth Support Engineer Microsoft Microsoft Lync Server 2013