ince the wife to , The son will not let his wife worry, peace of mind is that there is nothing d.irectly told the old lady Microsoft Certification and Barry brother is. Jiang Yun Yi Zheng, respectfully line a ceremony Thank you for your concern. For him, Ge old is also a friend, is a worthy person. Ge old by this ceremony, smiled and left. And so the old brother left, the guard will be sent in the food, not wait for him to put the food, it was stopped Jiang Yun stopped out. See the room so far there is no movement, he will Microsoft Developer it exam know that Xu Sheng did not wake up, so he will be directly carrying food, into the room. Xu Sheng sleep sweet, they talk outside the sound of a seat, but also for her to wake up. Jiang Yun, although pity her day long road fatigue, but also afraid of her sleep too long to forget to eat, hungry their own.bad, so she woke up. Come up Microsoft Developer with dinner and then sleep. Jiang Yun wake up Xu Sheng. I do not eat. Xu Sheng himself in the quilt, muttering to. Listen, get up quickly. I want to sleep. She was reluctant to go. Jiang Yun chuckle, touch her head to her ear and said I hurt the pain, Jiao Jiao help me ok Xu Sheng buried in th

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98-361 Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-362 Windows Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-363 Web Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-372 Microsoft .NET Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer