. Microsoft Database it exam Here is also the same republic, the same red new China, but the catastrophe ended a few years ahead, but brought too many changes. It makes China more powerful, struggling in the desperate, and then in the polar bear and eagle sauce in the two to please, on the one hand from the eagle sauce where the benefits, on the one hand and secretly to Mao Mao continued life, let Mao bear to 2003, China is leaping up Ahead of the end of the catastrophe, but also to. keep many of the traditional things, and now China, more than the previous time and space is more than fifteen years in the history of that serious moral over the country. But there are more open things here, many things have been controlled with the capital state is no different. In front of the news, that is, Li found that this feeling together the extreme. This news Microsoft Certification is facing the development of the traditional TV media struggling for the struggle, in order to gain the ratings, the news made wonderful look, ups and downs. So, Li Kuo saw a lot of things. These things are Microsoft Database th. e era of the collapse of faith, entertainment and death together all the time together. There are a lot of things that are called negative energy in past life, what little three beat her husband, his wife to save her husband, what the roadside

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