h and Yu Liang is very e.xcited, the eyes eager. Several people have discussed some, and so completely settled down after the matter, an appointment Microsoft Certification early tomorrow morning by the rush initiative volunteer, and then Yu Zhen only put everyone to leave. Baili Ming and rush with them out, separated when Baili Ming said Do not be found. Then finished, left. Warrior What is Berry Yu Liang probably let us play when the censor cautious, do not be found it Rush deep nodded makes sense Here Yu Liang and others Microsoft Certification left, Yu Zhen will drop the hands of the memorials, excitedly to Zhaoyang Palace away, ready to discuss to Xu Sheng, praise him some. How about Jiao Jiao, so for the husband on the Road, you are not the one to give me a re.ward Xu Sheng Pie his spice a Microsoft Certification it exam piece of coke, turned his head and lightly said tie Yu Zhen He began to consider, do not shave the beard. Xu Sheng seems to see his mind thought, said If you keep the beard, after you do not want to touch me.I was too greedy people, you look at it Yu Zhen bite his teeth, looked at Xu Sheng delicate lips, think of their own if not shaving beard, might have been able to touch Jiao Jiao Jiao. These s he was late into the night can not sleep, and then go on like this should be a dark black eyes. He hated waiting, I ll go scratch So easy to compromise Do not compromise how to do, do not

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