ing some It does not matter, we secretly like. Finished, he buckle Xu Sheng s head, accompanied by a body up. Well Xu Sheng s hand gently in his chest beat, but he was a grasp, anti cut in the back. Gradually, her body soft down, his mouth moaning, dizzy up, MCSE2000 the body is not subject to their own control. Boo Her hand rattled out to the ground, uttered a loud noise. Xu Sheng quickly.back to God, think of the security still. Fast fast put open me, Ann she was hard to beat Microsoft Certification him side, a difficult road. Yu Zhen opened his eyes, looked at his eyes wide open, holding a piece of cake pastry, curious to see the two fat son. He frowned, picked up Xu Sheng went to the inner hall. Side of the speaker to Come, bring the two princes to go Xu Sheng leaning against his arms quickly said quickly let me down, while I can cry how can do. Rest assured, that smelly boy did not dare. Yu Zhen said. Tell me, the Queen of the villain just to serve the villain can be satisfied Dissatisfied, poor technology. Xu Sheng white Yu Zhen, said What do you put on the body, sl.ightly I hurt. She touched and touched how is it with the stick Yu Zhen looked at her, pulled out from the sleeves of a bright yellow imperial edict, handed Xu Sheng This is the canonization of the imperial edict of the imperial edict, you put it away, until the afternoon learn to come back to him Xu Sheng took, Zhang mouth to say anything. But was Yu Zhen suddenly kissed the rest, while said, I MCSE2000 it exam can not wa

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-217 Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure Microsoft MCSE2000
70-220 Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Microsoft MCSE2000