a tyrant. Ye heard this, wiped his tears a tyrant is not good, we go out to the children, it should be a small overlord, so that will not be bullied. You leave some effort, do not speak. Ling Xuan pain to breathe, from her clenched white fingers can be seen out. Capital of the palace government Zhuang Hao lan do not know how their own thing, from the beginning of the dinner, has been uneasy, double eyelashes Kuangyue, always like what happened to happen. MCP Chapter 131 Little Lolita Peas Chapter 131 Li. ttle Lolita Peas Asked the white Ze and black Yao can happen when the two are shaking his head, said did not get any bad news. Night lying in bed, he felt the heart to jump Microsoft Certification out of the mouth, this reaction is very inexplicable, he never had. He can not sleep with him, simply came to Chen Princess s courtyard. Chen Princess white dance, has more than MCP it exam 30 years of age, it seems, such as early twenties, well maintained, see his son suddenly out, feel surprised. How did the gorgeous come over To know that he began his fif. teen years old, he was not in the night with his own night. Now suddenly this this, does it mean that what happened Princess Princess, tonight do not know how the matter, always restless, double eyelids Kuangyue, always feel what will happen, asked the white Ze and black Yao said no. The side of nearly 40 years of Chen Wang heard, patted and laughed You kid honestly, is not outside the bastard When your mother cursed you, your father I was

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