smiling, watching Jiang Yun, the United.States is not like the human person Chapter 028 Is the cousin busy Xu Sheng walked over, sitting in front of bronze mirror, gently wiped his head with a razor. Waterfall like hairs on the side, revealing a thin white neck, her white delicate skin, exudes a soft as white jade, mouth light with a whisper, gestures with style. Jiang Yun will be fist resting on the mouth, Qingke soon as. It s busy. Xu Sheng heard the words of a meal, looked inside from the bronze mirror Jiang Yun, this Cisco Certification light smile I thought the cousin tonight and busy late at night. Last night I was in the study to find the literature, to understand the endless customs, and geomorphic environment, so ready to salute, so as not to rush.. He got up and walked slowly. Xu Sheng faint smile, did not say anything. A moment only heard the breath of the two people, and the outside servant walking sound. Jiang Yun silently eyebrows, she even so give up, give up to persuade myself to take her to no end. Xu Sheng from bronze inside looked at him, seems to know Data-Center that his heart thought, mouth waves out of a whispering. Want to let her so give up, it is too naive. Jiang Yun did not know Xu Data-Center it exam Sheng thought, he quietly watched Xu Sheng rub hair, looked for a long time, only turned around and looked at the room about this. This room he has lived for more than three months, but it has always been cold and clear appearance, but she moved into the five o

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642-978 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist Qualifier Exam Cisco Data-Center
642-979 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist Qualifier Exam Cisco Data-Center
650-281 C-Series Servers for Account Manager Cisco Data-Center
650-286 C-Series Servers for Engineer Cisco Data-Center
650-987 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Sales Specialist Exam Cisco Data-Center