wd, took a look at his head Do not be afraid, no matter Jingzhao Yin Cisco Certification see more and more people gathered around, angry whole body trembling stop, you give the official to stop But has been caught in the crazy crowd has long been unable to hear his voice. Jingzhao Yin see the scene out of control, and Cisco Specialist sloppy command of the soldiers to prote. ct the capacity and Cheng Yu two. What killed the street son, natural disasters will not happen, it is ridiculous Stop Suddenly came a loud drink. Followed by a beautiful girl carrying a sword riding a horse gallop from the gallop. Immersed in the crazy tussle of both sides have been echoed with the spirit of the tenderness of the sound of comfort, and could not help but stopped. Rong Mo see the horse came to save the little fiancee, heart beat suddenly missed a beat. Cheng Yu Cisco Specialist it exam see my sister came to save them, do not be afraid, and immediately happy with wishful waving sister, here, here Dressed in a red suit like a horse full of domineering appeared in front of everyone. condescending looking at the ground temporarily by her spiritual power to prevent the two sides of the war, brush out of the knife behind, eyes flashing coldness, overwhelming kill Pressure to the crowd. Who wants to kill the street, come out Eve

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700-801 IoT Sales Fundamentals Cisco Cisco Specialist