an heart felt a moment to relax a lot. Click With the sound of the door, the early summer came out, holding a cell phone and a Korean handbag to come out. She slowly went to Lei Qingao before the footsteps, from overlooking him. Come on, Cisco Security Sales Specialist we go out for a trip. what Just to have to go out Lei Qingang looked up and stunned to see the early summer. Come on. Early summer finished turned to the door for the shoes, with a look of loss of Lei Qingang went out. Early summer with Lei Qingan went to the nearby clinic, people gave him medicine, but also opened a little Cisco Security Sales Specialist it exam oral medicine. And then find a restaurant, after dinner, the two sat in the waiting waiting for Cisco Certification the waiter. Lei Qingang face was coated with red, green and green, looks very compelling, at least the guests in the restaurant are qu. ietly looking at Lei Qingang. Lei Qingang effortless faceless face with a face, line of sight on the table on the tableware, try to ignore other people cast in his eyes. Not by the point of injury, what good looking. Lei Qing Ang, after dinner, you go home. Early summer looked at him open. No, you can not take me I did not think, he decisively rejected the early summer of the proposal. You do not go home, you want to live there, you see, I am a person to l

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646-580 Advanced Security for Account Managers-ASAM Cisco Cisco Security Sales Specialist