, he is because she would like to pursue her, when she Promised to be with him, Rong Sheng remember that feeling, as if the sky Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist is not really out of the pie. After a period of love, the two get along with a long time the contradictions have gradually emerged, whether it is temperament, or habits are not the same. Just contact, with Ling snow to eat a roadside stalls Ling Xue feel novel, the number of more she will gently suggest him, roadside stalls unsanitary. Previously felt that his friend was very humorous, a long time Ling Xue will think that his friends are ignorant Hupenggo. uyou friends. The longer the two get along, the more contradictions, the biggest problem is that Ling Xue do not trust him. The feelings Cisco Certification between the two fades, and there is no first time when the kind of sweet feelings. Ling Xue felt Rong Sheng has been with her behind, biting his lips continue to slowly walked forward, walking around her line of sight in Ling Xue seems to take an inexplicable mockery mean. Ling snow stopped, turned to see Rong Sheng. Can Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam you not follow me, I said, I can go home, do not need you to send me. Sheng Sheng body a stiff, but also stopped, no open answer, but so looked at Ling snow. He was just want to send her home, although the two in the cold war, but Ling Xue her attitude or let Rongsheng heart stung a mo

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200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist