n front of the mouth of wheat incense, draw a circle, then dropped Cisco Certification the dagger, looking at the appearance of the pear, could not help but laugh out loud. In his voice, some are fun This box he tortured in the pear, that compartment was Lingxuan letter Murong Jin, also began to personally find someone. He had lon. g known Ling Xuan on the attitude of the pear some strange, but never thought that the pear off, is actually Xuan sister sister around the mellow girl. Although he had never seen wheat, but for her Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist it exam things, or know some. That little girl s home, before the sister is not thin to Xuan children, and finally because of the sister of her sister and died. He did not dare to think deeply, why did she appear here, afraid too much, they will be sad sad. Xuan children sister tomorrow will be married, Murong Xi now catch the pe. ar off, threatening her, want to come and will not do anything good. Murong Jin find a lap, did not find people, they called out their own years out of the dark guard, so that they quietly looking in the Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist government. After finding someone, be sure to bring people back. Summer County Fuchun Park Zhang He felt that the two days of Rong

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648-385 CXFF-Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers Cisco Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist