202 sold to the government Chapter 202 sold to the government Tsing Yi decide. d to find a time, that thing stole out to see, in the end what is the matter. That woman behavior, it is too strange, people have to prevent. Jiang Hanqun side of the people, still did not give up looking for people staring Ling purple kite. Had just her strange behavior, has attracted their vigilance. Their minds, and Tsing Yi, decided to steal out to see what is the thing. Ling purple kite good mood, attracted his dowry maidservant, said You go and Wu Ye said, I Cisco Certification said I have a good thing to give him, let him see th. e old place tomorrow Maiden commander, turned hurry to go, Tsing Yi seeing, eyes turn, body flash, people also followed Cisco Certification it exam out. Ling purple kite good mood, the ear also came her mother s screams, the heart pondering some, this is not slowly to get up, walked toward the small courtyard of Jiang Kuo. Jingzhao Yin s mansion is not large, at least compared to the imperial house of the House, to a lot of small. Ling purple kite has always felt that this place small stingy, and her identity completely unworthy. Look, this is. a different courtyard, but also to walk a few steps to the. Jiang Guo s courtyard, there are several thick to the mother and girl, Cisco Certification do not know what to look over and over again. Ling purple kite into the heart could not h

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