ow can you not clean up the living room ah Jiang Shengyao some can not stand the amount of the amount. The ice cream into the refrigerator, just walked out of the living room to hear the warmth of Jiang Shengyao words. She hey smile, raised his hand shook his cell phone, Cisco Certification motioned himself in the call, do not disturb her. Who came Through the phone to hear the conversation over there, Yuan Xiao Road, puzzled frowned sound some familiar ah, is A city fri. end No, recently a new friend, you do not know. Warm looked Jiang Shengyao a smile on the Yuan said the road. Oh, how can you like it Jiang Shengyao loudly said My dear, I am so strong to you, ah Jiang Shengyao glanced at the warm background, thin lips do not consciously sip up. Ghosts believe Cisco Business Value Specialist you Two friends laughing and joking funny for a while, just listen to Yuan Xiao Road, some people here called her, they stopped chatting. You are busy, Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam pay attention to safety ah. Warm and timely end of the topic. Well, you are also a. h. Also, do not eat instant noodles Yuan Xiao Road said. You ye know warm shock. I do not know you, certainly in order to save time and effort to Tuen a bunch of instant noodles, ready to eat me back. Yuan Xiao Road Lengheng. Hey, I have nothing to hide but you. Warm smile You know, tonight I went to the restaurant Well, I have to go filming, hanging it Yuan Xiao Road, there was a few

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist