hina is relatively relatively strong. So Li Kuo here may be diverted to a little farther. However, this novel reflects some of the social problems, and now still exist. Sometimes have. to say that the history of mankind, is always in the cycle, that is, in the reciprocating, what happened, still countless times to re occur in this piece of land. In the history of people who have had a common problem, in fact, to the modern people here, the mouth said to the history of the mirror, and living Cisco Certification conditions have undergone enormous changes, but in fact, that common case will still occur in the modern body This is another reason why Li Kuang released village teachers. In which the description of some kind of education system, there are some rural teacher. s of the real survival of the CCNP Service Provider it exam state, in fact, even now has been particularly powerful in China, still exists. So Lee now plans to release village teachers. Because now Li Ku to this step, whenever they write something, others CCNP Service Provider will be concerned about, will be onlookers so Li began to imagine a way to publish their own works deliberately choose a more staggered way to carry out. For example, the previous one or a few influential novels and other forms of literary works published, then the next issue of Li Ku will be running in another direction to go, for example, sai. d before the fishing table wall so Of the poems were widely praised, and are said to be good, then the next lotus will send a little more biased to

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