without hesitation to push him away. A expression grievances. At this point, the laboratory. Several professors are debating. No, CCNA Wireless we have no time to drag the above monsters are about to attack, we can not sit here and die You just saw the situation, it is not allowed her blood Do we just sit here and die Know that we are holding thirty thousand people s lives What do you say, do you want to go to the blood and kill it with this monster Professor Liu will.interrupt the two, Do not you notice that the woman is still alive Since it is alive, CCNA Wireless it exam it shows that no matter how that monster will not be her hands. Although the monster we can not do nothing, but she, we always have a way to Several other professors voice meal, looked at his direction in the past, eyebrows it makes sense. Professor Liu smiled, no more than Xu continued Today we first discuss the specific details, and then tomorrow, her please come and we discuss in detail. , Chapter 65 Chapter 65 Those who left after Cisco Certification the professor, Jiang Yan this slightly rel.axed the heart. She will take off his coat, and then do not lift the side of the asked a, said You can kill a few people at the same time Jiang Yan has been unfounded before the worry, but his body block the bullets, but after just, she felt after that, as long as the speed fast enough, there is no need to worry about the bullet problem. It w

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