did not play too much, who Cisco Certification knows this girl with a stick, like, completely listen Do not come out of the meaning of Jishi s words, called Ji a choke. However, Xu Sheng mouth not to recover the smile, they heard Ji points her name Six girl, you can look at your five sisters, do not let her play crazy, know Xu Sheng quickly under the next. Mother rest assured that my daughter will pay attention. Jishi this nodded, put a few people out. I said ah Three aunt to arrest you too stri.ct, like my mother never care about me. Xu Xuan took a small eight hand walking. Xu Fang to hey I think. Xu Sheng listened to two people talk, mouth smile has not stopped. Xu Xuan s mother He s usually CCIP it exam in the governor of Xu Fu, the busy, Xu Xuan is a tube, where can hold her But rather the two do not know, but also a serious discussion. Five sister, six sister, you say we should not call seven sister ah Xu Xuan walked suddenly asked. Xu Sheng is CCIP also the future and speak, they heard Xu Fang Lengheng said told her what to do, her high temper how

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-445 Cisco IP Telephony for Release 5.x Cisco CCIP
642-611 CCIP Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam (MPLS) Cisco CCIP
642-642 Quality of Service (QoS) Cisco CCIP
642-661 CCIP Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) Cisco CCIP
642-691 CCIP BGP + MPLS Exam (BGP + MPLS) Cisco CCIP