painting, books alone, silk and silk, rare herbs, all over the week of the shop These are the ancestors of Cisco Certification the descendants of the descendants of the future, the Qinghe County, although the family is only a separation, but capable people, after thousands of years of accumulation, how could only the surface of that wealth. Rong Mo explained the source of this huge wealth. Luo Fei shocked after the look of complex look at the calm of the capacity of the street, did not expect the future of the. cousin even such a huge fortune can not hesitate to CCIE Security give up, if it is him, I am afraid I can not do so easily Let it go. Do you really do not regret it So that there is nothing to regret, the money did not, and then earn is that I did not leave their own earned part of it, compared to the wealth of the family, it is less, But for me, it s already a lot. Cheng Ruyi added Luo Fei cousin, I have God medicine, a grain of twenty thousand silver, you rest assured, we do not bad money. Luo Fei silent can not mention the medicine it Will be all of the house to the Luo Fei, Rong Mo as if part of the unloading of the task, the whole person relaxed a lot. Luo Fei cousin, Qinghe CCIE Security it exam Cou. nty, home to leave you one, and remember to take the task of the family line, you now have no girl like, some let the mother to help you say the media to go. When you are married, I ll send you free medicine Cheng Ruyi happy watching Luo Fei, look look forward. Luo Fei dumbfounding, I do not know ho

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350-018V4 CCIE Security Exam (4.0) Cisco CCIE Security