50% Bacon, 50% Ground Beef, Keep Reading

(Bacon Burger w/ white bread, lettuce, cheddar, mustard, ketchup, mayo, mushrooms & onions.)

Scott Slater is a brilliant man. Founder and owner of 50/50 Burgers, he came up with an idea that manages to be simple and ingenious at the same time. Watching TV the other day, we saw how he made burgers that were 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon, and were itching to try it at home. It’s damn simple to do, tastes juicy and decadent, and is something meat lovers need to try. It definitely kicks it up a notch from a regular ground beef burger.

This was how we made our version at home.


Ground beef (a quarter pound per person)

4 strips of bacon for every quarter pound of ground beef (you can also use slab bacon, which is probably preferable)

Any toppings that you want

Now What?


Grind up your bacon. I used my Magic Bullet, till it became a pinkish paste.


Mix very well with your ground beef. I just use my hands.

After everything is mixed very well, start forming big meatballs while you heat up a pan (you will not need oil, as the burgers have bacon fat in them). For me, I like to gently toss the meatball from hand to hand to get it rounded smoothly. Flatten it on each just a bit.


Place in pan that is on a medium heat, and when it has browned, use a spatula and flip it to the other side.

Now take your spatula and flatten the burger out even more by pushing down on it. It will “splat” out. When that bottom browns, flip it over again. Repeat after it browns even more and then cover the pan with a lid. The reason why I steam it a bit is because I want the burger cooked all the way through because I’m not sure the ramifications of eating regular bacon that isn’t cooked all the way. Also, I cover it because my fire alarm is very sensitive and would most likely go off if I keep cooking with the lid off. Keep covered for 1-2 minutes and you should be done.


Serve however you wish. I actually love saving the bacon fat left over in the pan to cook my toppings, ie mushrooms, onions, etc.



-Joyce Huang



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