4 Cupboard, Freezer and Refrigerator Scrap Meals

After getting back to New York City and not having time to pick up groceries, we made due with lots of take out and cooking with whatever we could find from the cupboards and fridge that wasn’t expired yet. Not the healthiest of meals, but we ended up with some tasty concoctions. It’s really amazing how many days well stocked cabinets can take you through when your fridge is pretty much empty. Our fridge was down to random things like 30+ bottles of condiments, half an onion, bacon, carrots, two sausages and eggs. Yes, I have that many condiments in my fridge. There were also those things your find in the freezer that you think you will get around to using one day. My freezer had rosemary focaccia, Chinese man-tao bread, Zong-Tzi, tomato paste, peas, strawberries and peaches.

Though, I must say, when we got our grocery delivery today, I attacked the kale, apples, watermelon and grapes. My body was craving fresh produce so badly. As a matter of fact, the other day we stopped at Fuel while we were running around doing errands and meetings and I sucked down my Cold Buster juice (carrot, beets, cucumber and spinach) like you wouldn’t believe. While I thoroughly enjoyed the below dishes, they are something that I know my body can handle only have when I balance them out with healthier fare. It’s been so long that I have eaten such rich foods multiple times a day that it was such a shock to my system. So happy I have fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge right now.


Meal Option #1

Linguine in a creamy sauce with sunny-side up egg, bacon and peas.

It’s hearty, creamy, satisfying and has great textures.

Ingredients I scoured from the kitchen to feed two people

Half box of linguine

Half bottle of marinara sauce

Half bottle of alfredo sauce

Fresh cracked pepper

2 big pinches of crushed red pepper

5 slices of bacon

2 eggs

1 TBS butter

Small handful of Parmesan cheese

Frozen peas (as much as you want)

Now What?

-Cook the linguine till al dente according to the directions.

-Pop frozen peas in the microwave according to directions.

-While that’s going on, cook the bacon in a pan, drain bacon on paper towels and chop up to tiny pieces. Set to the side.

-Fry the eggs in bacon fat till all of white is cooked. Set to the side.

-Discard the rest of the bacon fat.

-In the same pan or new pan combine the marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, pepper, crushed red pepper, 2/3 of the bacon, butter and cheese until smooth.

-Toss the sauce with the cooked pasta and plate.

-Top with pasta with peas, egg and rest of bacon. You can always throw the peas in the sauce when you are making the sauce, but P doesn’t like peas, so I added them only to my plate.



Meal Option #2

Potato and Eggs. Very similar to a torta. It just looks pretty when you cut into it because the bottom layer is made up of the cubed potatoes.

Ingredients I scoured from the kitchen to feed two people

5 eggs

1/3 TSP of MSG (optional, if not using, just use salt)

2 big pinches of paprika

Small handful of dried parsley

Big sprinkling of cracked black pepper

Big sprinkling onion powder

Big sprinkling garlic powder

3 small-medium potatoes cut into cubes

2 TSP oil

Now What?

-Fry up the potatoes so that the majority of all of the sides are browned. If they are still raw after being browned, add a 1/3 cup of water and continue cooking till the water has cooked off. I used a 10” skillet.

-While this is cooking, scramble the eggs with MSG, paprika, pepper, onion powder, parsley and garlic powder.

-Go back to the potatoes and make sure that they are spread in one layer, evenly in the pan.

-Pour scrambled egg mixture over it.

-Cover skillet.

-Cook on medium heat for 3-6 minutes, peek in once in a while to see if it is done cooking. There should be no runny egg at all.

-Slice and serve.

Meal Option #3

Pasta with garlic olive oil, Parmesan and basil. Such a simple dish, but one of my favorites. You can also swap out the olive oil with butter if you choose.

Ingredients I scoured from the kitchen to feed one person

-1/4 box of spaghetti

– 1 ½ TBS

-3-4 garlic cloves, sliced

– Big handful of grated Parmesan

-Fresh basil, torn (I picked from my container garden)

Now What?

-Cook the pasta according to the directions.

-Heat up the olive oil, throw in the garlic. Once it starts to slightly brown, discard the garlic. If you like garlic chunks, keep them in.

-Throw in the Parmesan and 2/3 of basil, stir. (It’s best to toss with olive oil and then add in Parmesan, but I was curious to see what would happen this way.)

-Toss in Pasta and toss well.

– Serve with rest of fresh basil on top.


Meal Option #4

Vegetarian citrus spareribs with peas and onion on top of ramen. Really, really flavorful. Not going to lie, I love instant ramen noodles. If you don’t have vegetarian citrus spareribs hidden in your freezer, if you do, you have issues like me, if you don’t then sub for anything you want, ie veggies, tofu, shredded meats or chunks of meat.

Ingredients I scoured from the kitchen to feed one person

-1 beef ramen package

-1/2 cup frozen peas

-1/2 medium onion diced

-2 TSP cooking oil

-Vegetarian ribs

-Big handful of torn basil (I got from container garden)

Now What?


-Cook ramen according to instructions.

-Sauté onions in oil until soft, add in frozen peas, basil and vegetarian ribs. Cook through till well heated.

-Drain ramen and toss with seasoning packet.

-Top ramen with vegetarian rib mixture.



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