Julia Child’s Madeleines

If I knew that madeleines were so easy to make, I would’ve started making them a long time ago. Then again, they were probably easy to make because I left out all of the tedious steps. The edges of mine look burnt, but they didn’t taste it. They either burned because 1) I overfilled the pan, 2) I didn’t do ALL of the steps in the recipe or 3) It’s the pan that I bought. but I have a feeling it was #3, but maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. When it comes to baking I just hope that it comes out edible. I found a recipe for Julia Child’s madeleines at hungrysofia.com and just went with that one.


Pretty much, I just mixed everything in a bowl, refrigerated for 30 minutes and baked. I did not wait for things to get to room temperature, did not stir butter over cold water and did not refrigerate for an hour. Still, everything came out very tasty. And don’t they look so fancy?

-Joyce Huang

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