Where to Take Your Date to Eat in New York City

Ever wonder how to navigate through the confusing world of eating and dating in New York City? Lucky for you, I have insomnia so I’m staying up to put in my 2 cents. There are definitely more places to take each girl per situation, but off the top of my head, this is what comes to mind immediately.

For the girl who won’t eat anything adventurous-Dump her, she’s annoying me already

For the girl who stays with you even though you are cheapSocial Eatz, is a great choice, just skip the liquor. Munch on crispy onion rings, Korean burgers and sticky wings. Skip the alcohol, share plates and you are good to go. Plus, you can throw in that Angelo from Top Chef owns the restaurant.

For the foodie-Either go anywhere that is in the latest issue of Time Out New York, or give Sakagura a whirl. Tucked away in midtown east, if she has never been, she will surely be impressed by this hidden sake bar with unique and interesting Japanese dishes that you don’t see everyday.

For a first dateFig & Olive always has a casual and chatty feel to it. It gives off the ‘I’m not trying to hard to impress you’ vibe, but luckily the food is good. If she is a wine lover, they have an affordable selection, and if whether she prefers classic or modern creations, she will find something to her liking.

For the romantic-Get a little cozier with her and take her somewhere sweet like Apizz, a rustic Italian restaurant that has mood lighting and delicious food. Go on the earlier side so that it’s quieter and it’s as if you have the restaurant to yourselves. (Review will go up later this week, so come back and check it out.)

For the vegan– Maybe she’s an herbivore, but you’re a carnivore? Westville East has great options for the both of you that won’t break the bank. We have a feeling that their vegan options may even win you over.

For the girl you want to impress even though you are broke– Dim Sum at Jin Fong’s will impress her eyes. While it’s not the best dim sum in NYC, the sheer massive size of the restaurant, escalator and opulent Chinese decorations will have her forgetting that dim sum is cheap.

For the organic girl-Everything that you eat at ABC Kitchen will taste so fresh and alive. Not only do they use organic ingredients, but the menu frequently changes because food is locally sourced which is always a plus in our eyes.

For the small town girl who wants to be big city– If the well dressed clientele and shiny setting doesn’t make her think ‘big city,’ then the fact that Scarpetta charges $24 for spaghetti will. If you haven’t been before, don’t worry, I assure you that their pasta is worth the $24 they charge.

For the girl who you are going to break up with– My advice? Don’t do it in a restaurant, You’ll just end up having to pay for the food and drink she pours over your head. If you’ve been seeing her for a bit and it’s gone past the point where you can break up with her over text, email, phone, Facebook or Twitter, then go to her house because when you are done, you can just run the hell out of there.

-Joyce Huang

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