Fried Tomato and Feta Recipe

Whenever you want something fresh tasting, salty and crunchy, these fried tomatoes will definitely satisfy all of those cravings.  In the middle, you sandwich feta to give it something extra special. Plus, they look really fancy too, even though they aren’t hard to make .


Tomatoes  sliced about a half inch thick. For each sandwich you want to make, you will need 2 slices.

Slightly less than half inch thick slices of feta. 1 slice for each 2 slices of tomato.

2 eggs scrambled

2 cups of panko

2 capfuls of Italian seasoning

1 capful of dried parsley

A thick layer of oil for frying in a pan.

Now What?

Heat up the oil on medium heat.

While that’s going on, start sandwiching tomatoes and feta together.

You also want to mix up your panko, Italian seasoning and dried parsley up very well, and put to the side.

When the oil is ready to start frying, I usually throw in a couple of pieces of panko to see if it sizzles, turn it to a medium low heat.

Take your tomato sandwiches, dip in the scrambled egg, and then dip in panko mixture. The best way I have found to do this is to put the sandwich directly into the panko mixture, press down a little, and then take handfuls of the mixture and press on top of the sandwich. Lift up, shake off any excess crumbs and fry up in the oil.

When the bottom is a golden brown, flip it over. When that side is golden brown, take it out and drain the oil on paper towels.

This would look so lovely served with fresh herbs for some color and sliced down the middle, so that the layers can be seen.

-Joyce Huang

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