Juicy, Juicy Mangoes (No Really, I Mean The Fruit, Not Boobies)

Trying to make my way home from Chinatown the other night, I couldn’t resist these juicy looking champagne mangoes. This variety comes from the ataulfo mango. OK, everything gets confusing when we get into varieties and types, so all you need to know is that these are very sweet, juicy mangoes, that don’t have any fiber that will get stuck in your teeth. I got 7 for $5 from a street vendor.

Writing about mangoes right now, it reminds me of how after college I stayed in Taiwan for a month and came across these really cheap green mangoes. I didn’t have a fridge, so I purchased them thinking that they could just ripen in my room and not spoil without refrigeration. Boy was I wrong. Wanting a night time snack, I peeled one open just to get something in my tummy and it was one of the juiciest and sweetest mangoes I had ever tasted before. It was incredibly fibrous, didn’t have that much meat and the pit was large, but the flavor was absolutely spectacular. I started buying them on a regular basis and could go through 5-10 in one sitting. It’s not a variety that I’ve come across in the states, but maybe one day? I’m going to start searching the web, maybe at least I can find out what the name of it is. Man, this is going to keep me up all night now.

-Joyce Huang

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