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It’s a kitchsy and gimmicky idea, and I fell for it. Sibling Rivalry in Boston is a modern American cuisine restaurant  that is owned by two brothers who each have one side of the menu. Maybe you prefer Chef Bob Kinkead’s appetizer idea, but want Chef David Kinkead’s entrée. Go for it! How cool would it be if the Voltaggio brothers opened a restaurant like this. I would be there in a second! I’m so sorry that I can’t show you my own pictures, but it was so dark in there, you can barely see what’s going on in the pictures.

The food is good, not amazing, but good. The ideas were great, but there were some kinks that could have been easily avoidable. So if you are in the area and want a good place to go, then grab a bite here, but there is no reason why you should go out of the way to actually eat here. One note: our waiter was great!

Hand cut pappardelle pasta with sausage, wild mushrooms, tomato confit and a touch of cream: This appetizer by Chef Bob was my favorite thing of the night. Homemade pasta that is done well is so hard not to eat up.

Vietnamese crispy fried squid, green papaya, duck crackling, cilantro and lime-chili dipping sauce: Another creation of Chef Bob, the first round had to be sent back to the kitchen because there was so much salt on it that we couldn’t eat it, but our fantastic waiter  brought us a new dish immediately. This is very similar to a dish that Chinese restaurants serve for dim sum at times. They’re basically fries, but instead of potatoes, they are made of squid.

Grilled bone-in ribeye with double stuffed fingerling potatoes, spicy onion rings and orange chipotle butter: Venturing over to Chef David’s side of the menu now, it was cooked well and had great flavor, BUT it was so chewy that I couldn’t wait to get home and floss. I mean that literally and when I got home that was the first thing that I did.

Lemon pudding cake with lavender-honey ice cream and lemon curd: Very enjoyable and light, it reminded me of an apple cake.

Orange crème brulee with citron Madeleine cookies: A classic dish that was executed well. I didn’t taste much orange in it though and my cookies weren’t what I am use to Madeleines being so I was a bit confused. Still I ate them.

6.5 out of 10

Sibling Rivalry

525 Tremont Street,

Boston, MA 02116

-Joyce Huang
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