Eating & Training with @ScottDo_Fitness

I started working with @Scottdo_fitness and could not be happier with the results. Everything happened so quickly (6 weeks) and I think I’m going to continue with it to get an even leaner body. I found Scott on Instagram and was impressed with the results he was able to get his clients. I signed up […]

Gift Idea for the Meat Lover

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: four types of bacon, biscuits and country ham. Those who eat meat obviously love bacon, which is why Loveless Café gift sets are such a fantastic idea. I had put together my own combination for Patrick and he pretty much ate it everyday […]

Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery NYC

It’s one of NYC’s most legendary restaurants (been here since 1910), and I finally went after I stuffed my face at Morgenstern’s and Patrick was like, let’s get knishes! Too cold and happy and full from the ice cream to protest, I waddled over there in the rain with him. I’ve been meaning to go […]

Honolulu Cookie Company

OMG. These cookies are freaking addictive and amazing. My wonderful friend and neighbor, Jesper, came back from a trip to Hawaii and brought back these incredibly delicious, shortbread cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company. No, I’m serious, if you haven’t had these cookies before, they will definitely have you rethinking the shortbread cookie and wonder […]

Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Super easy to make, it made we wonder why I never made Huevos Rancheros before. Hungry and wanting something filling, but quick to make since it was for lunch on a work day, I decided to made my own version of Huevos Rancheros for Patrick and me, based on what I had in the pantry. […]

Fried Chicken Skins Recipe

Waste not, want not, right? When we feed our pups fresh chicken, at times we end up with chicken skin because we don’t want to feed to skin part to the dogs. Instead of tossing them, I turn them into fried chicken skins. If you love pork rinds, you are going to love the taste […]

Royce Chocolates

I’m so addicted to Royce chocolates. Patrick picked up a box from their West Village location a while back, after we had dinner in the area (hint, we had a fancy burger), and they were incredible. He left with a box of the Nama chocolates. Each rectangle just melts in your mouth like the creamiest […]

Goodfella’s Pizza Staten Island

Sure we just had lunch and dessert at my godsister’s baby shower, but we had a zipcar for the day, she we headed over to Goodfella’s in Staten Island to try their award winning pies. We probably headed over there in June, because my nephew and niece popped out in August (Jacob and Gia, love […]

How Do You Eat Chocolates?

My wonderful husband is a very good gift giver. Actually, he’s the best gift giver. When Easter comes around, he knows to get me chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. As an adult, I eat my chocolates a very specific way, which led me to think about how my chocolate eating habits have morphed through […]

Vegetarian Burger Recipe

I use to buy frozen vegetarian burgers, BUT then I started reading the ingredients and didn’t understand what 75% of the list was, which freaks me out a bit. Plus, frozen veggie burgers can be expensive. So I started making my own, and it’s really easy actually. You can cook up a bunch of them […]

Buttermilk Magic Cake Recipe

For some reason I had buttermilk in my fridge. No clue why. I’m sure that I probably needed it for some recipe and then either had too much leftover or got distracted and forgot what the recipe what. Anywhoo, after Googling I came across something magical sounding. Buttermilk Magic Cake. I’ve never cooked anything with […]

Get 15% off the Propresser Garlic Press

Since I’ve been on a pretty strict meal plan, I’ve had to find healthy ways to really add flavor to food. Fresh garlic has a ton of health benefits and tastes amazing, but I’ve been so focused on cooking fast to keep up with my work and gym hours, that I haven’t had the time […]

Food Lover Gift Idea: Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

I was so tired and groggy from the gym one night and when I was walking past the mailboxes to get to my apartment, I saw a beautiful glass bottle with a note on it. I wanted to keep walking, but curiosity got the best of me because it just looked so pretty, so I […]

Are You The Next Food Network Star?

Maybe you are that amazing of a cook? Maybe you just dream of stardom? Maybe you have nothing better to do on a Saturday? Well, here’s your opportunity to become a big star. And if you make it, remember where you read about the casting and make sure to invite me on your show when […]

City Bakery Hot Chocolate

It was pretty chilly this weekend while I was running errands, so I strayed a bit off my meal plan with a luscious hot chocolate from City Bakery. I got one with a fluffy, mouthwatering, big-ass marshmallow that they make in-house.   The first few sips were a rich hot chocolate that were incredibly satisfying. […]