Food Lover Gift Idea: Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

I was so tired and groggy from the gym one night and when I was walking past the mailboxes to get to my apartment, I saw a beautiful glass bottle with a note on it. I wanted to keep walking, but curiosity got the best of me because it just looked so pretty, so I […]

Are You The Next Food Network Star?

Maybe you are that amazing of a cook? Maybe you just dream of stardom? Maybe you have nothing better to do on a Saturday? Well, here’s your opportunity to become a big star. And if you make it, remember where you read about the casting and make sure to invite me on your show when […]

City Bakery Hot Chocolate

It was pretty chilly this weekend while I was running errands, so I strayed a bit off my meal plan with a luscious hot chocolate from City Bakery. I got one with a fluffy, mouthwatering, big-ass marshmallow that they make in-house.   The first few sips were a rich hot chocolate that were incredibly satisfying. […]

Uses for Krusteaz Mix

Of course you can use it to make pancakes. Krusteaz pancake mix is so freaking good. My husband read about how good the mix was and used it to make heart-shaped pancakes for me one year. I was shocked by how fluffy and tasty they were, especially since you only had to add water to […]

Chocolate Covered Gomitas

My girlfriend Maria brought me back some Italo gomitas from Ecuador and these chocolate covered gummies are crazy addicting. I love chocolate, I love gummy candies and I love pineapple. If you see these in the states, please send them my way as I have finished the ones in this box already. XOXO. – Joyce […]

Domnique Ansel Banana Bread Recipe

My mouth is watering thinking about this delectable banana bread. It was chock full of butter, but quite frankly worth every bite. With a bunch of overripe bananas in my freezer, I received an email from containing Dominique Ansel’s banana bread recipe and new that I had to try it. Not hard to make […]

Nagaimo, Chinese Yam, Korean Yam

If you eat Asian cuisines, you have most likely come across Nagaimo. Nagaimo is know as a yam, but reminds me more of a radish, such as daikon, because of it’s ultra light and crispy texture. It’s very sticky and snotty, similar to the insides of okra. If you eat omakase, you have most likely […]

Finding Love at a NYC Supper Club

According to my single friends and my eyes, dating nowadays seems to be extremely difficult. It was fun when I was single and dating, but now in the days of social media and apps like Tinder, whenever I turn around it looks as if tiny piglets are being eaten alive by multiple wolf packs (even […]


  True story. That is all.

End of National Chicken Month

  I do eat eggs once in a while when I’m at home, and for people who do eat eggs, I strongly, strongly advise you to purchase cage-free eggs, pasture-fed chicken eggs or eggs from humanely raised chickens. Even though you aren’t slaughtering an animal to eat eggs, it is important to keep in mind […]

Delicious, Easy, Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hmmm…so I think that when it comes to my blog, you’re going to have to imagine that you have the hands of a girl that has a height of 4’11” so that you can figure out what measurements I used. This cake was so good. Not overly sweet, but chocolate-ly and extremely moist. And I […]

Nestle Tango Cookies

Tango cookies are ridiculously good. Damn my girlfriend Maria for keeping us with a supply of them. Never had a Tango cookies before? Picture these flaky, crispy, thin cookies sandwiching sweet cream filling and then dipped in chocolate. Um, YUM! They are seriously addictive and if I don’t act fast, Patrick will have snacked on […]

$60 Burger at Burger Bar in Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas and bought a $60 burger. Yep, I’m talking about the Rossini at Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar. Was it worth $60? Nope. Patrick’s much cheaper burger definitely won in taste over mine. The Rossini burger is made with Wagyu beef from Australia, has foie gras and shaved truffles. Would I eat […]

Top 100 Food Blogs

I don’t know how it happened, but I am very grateful:). Chasing James Beard has made it onto a Top 100 Food Blog list. And considering there are a lot of food blogs out there, I am very excited. An infographic by the team at Rebateszone .  

Dough Loco Review

I feel like I have to explain myself when it comes to Dough Loco. Their doughnuts look so beautiful and inviting, and I’ve tried a bunch of their flavors (chocolate, raspberry Sriracha, cinnamon sugar, maple miso and pineapple brown butter), but I am just not major fan of them. I think that they make a […]