Tastings NYC Mountain Bird Restaurant in East Harlem

I’m usually out and about in East Harlem during the day, so when I passed by Tastings NYC building that recently went up, I didn’t think much of it, since it was labeled as a catering company. And then I heard through the Harlem grapevine that they actually open at night. Right away, I made […]

Elote, Mexican Corn on the Cob

During the warmer months I love munching on corn on the cob. One of my favorite recipes to eat is elote, AKA, Mexican corn on the cob. It is typically grilled, but since I’m making it fast at home, I simply boil it for convenience and time. It’s then given a thin layer of mayonnaise, […]

Fried Pancake Dipped Bacon Oreos

I was procrastinating taking a break from work today and realized that I like deep frying things when I take breaks. Inspired by the bacon-wrapped Oreos that have been going around the web, I opted to make Oreos sandwiching bacon and then deep fried in pancake batter. I liked these a lot. You basically taste […]

Chinese Chicken Soup Recipe

I’ve shown a recipe for fresh chicken noodle soup before, but I grew up eating a Chinese style chicken broth/soup. It’s made slightly different than the American version and tastes purer and cleaner. It’s wonderful for stomach ailments or when someone is simply feeling under the weather. I just finished up making a pot because […]

Pastrami Queen NYC

Wow, wow, wow, wow! So on point? I had lunch at the Pastrami Queen the other day and I feel so sad that I hadn’t been before. The pastrami here is ridic! Actually…this is a bold statement, but I think that Pastrami Queen pastrami is the best pastrami that I have ever had before. (I […]

Foodporn: If Ice Cream And Doughnuts Had A Child

I speak with IntoConnection.com about one of the hottest ice cream trends in the United States, Ice Cream Buns!!! – Joyce Huang

Try FREE Stuff From PINCHMe.com

I’m pretty obsessed with PINCHMe.com. I received a press box from them to check out and will be signing up for their website now, and have also asked my husband to sign up for it. I have also texted my friends to sign up for it. People like free stuff, but it’s especially hard to […]

Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

For about two weeks all I could think about were Italian heroes. This led me to stare at pictures from when I visited Mike’s Deli in the Bronx. Located on Arthur Ave., who some say is the true Little Italy of New York, I could eat there everyday. Not only is there menu incredibly extensive […]

Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill at MGM Grand

A lot of the time when I’m going through my food pics, there are a lot that I can’t remember eating. This is not the case for Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill at the MGM Grand. We hoovered our food. Vegas definitely had some delicious food and Wolfgang Puck did not disappoint. We just randomly stopped in […]

Kabocha Squash Soup Recipe

This is seriously, probably the easiest soup you will ever make. And it is delicious. You must get a really good chicken stock to make it with. If you don’t have fresh chicken stock stored away in your fridge or freezer, then check to see if one of the specialty markets by you has any […]

New York’s First Lady: Sandra Lee

Post by Viral Thread. This is an oldie, but a goodie, and I LOVE IT!!! A celebrity that everyone can relate too.

SkyFoods.com: Get Your Asian/Chinese Groceries Delivered

All of my friends and family were so excited about this on Facebook and Instagram, so I had to share with you too. If you live in certain areas of New York and Jersey, you can now get groceries delivered from SkyFoods.com. Why is this so special? Yes, yes, we have FreshDirect.com and Peapod.com, both of […]

National Oreo Day Recipes

Here we have two types of cookies: 1) Mega Stuffed Oreo covered in brownie and then chocolate chip cookie. 2) Mega Stuffed Oreo covered in brownie and then Rice Krispie treat. Sometimes you get restless at home so you just make things that are so awful for you, but that taste so good. We had […]

Schaller & Weber Fried Chicken

I bought 2 lbs of Schaller & Weber fried chicken in the Upper East Side the other day. My husband maybe had 3 pieces. Somehow, within 48 hours, I managed to finish the rest of it. I was kind of like: -Hey, what’s for breakfast, fried chicken? Sure. -What time is it? 3:37 pm? Time […]

Classic Baked Ziti Recipe

I don’t eat enough baked ziti. It’s just so rich and wonderful and gooey and fattening, and did I say wonderful? Ziti also freezes very well, so if you have more freezer space than I do, you can make pans or freeze up portion sized servings for the future. Ingredients 1 lb of uncooked ziti […]

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